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Dear Evelyn,
I have been meaning to write for months. We have now been in our new home that you found for us for 4 months, and couldn’t be happier. I don’t think anyone could imagine all that we went through together, from selling our home and all the headaches that popped up, to finding our new home. Without all your help and support, there is no way I believe we would have been able to finalize that sale and move forward. You did more work to get things done than the attorney I had hired, and we are so grateful. Honestly, every morning I get out of bed and walk to the bedroom window that faces the backyard, open the blinds and just love looking at all the beautiful greenery. It is such a nice way to start the day and best of all, my little guy has a great safe area to play 🙂 You’re always welcome to stop by and say hello. After spending as much time together as we did, you’re like family. You are truly an incredible person on all levels, and a true professional with morals, which I had realized is unfortunately rare in your profession. Thank you again for everything, you went well beyond our greatest expectations, and always with a smile 🙂

— Steven, Corinne and Corven; The Cillo Family